Obi Wan Kenobi


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The day Obi Wan Kenobi entered the Mos Eisly Cantina his life, and the lives of everyone in the galaxy changed forever. When the two Jedi Padawans, Thran and Umwat walked into the cantina Obi Wan sensed them immediately. The presence of the two nearly fully trained Jedi pulled his attention away from hiring the Millenium Falcon, and more importantly pulled his attention away from Luke. While Obi Wan was absorbed in the sudden emergence of two more Jedi the altercation at the bar escalated. Without Obi Wan to save him, Luke Skywalker, galactic hero, was killed before he could even leave Tatooine.

Obi Wan, watching his life’s mission burn away at the speed of one blaster bolt quickly avenged Skywalker’s death and then proceeded to fall into a catatonic state. The survivors of the crashed Phoenix, faced with the final proof that they were in fact displaced in time, quickly ushered the old man out of the cantina and attempted to find the droids R2-D2 and C3PO.

Obi Wan remained in a depressive, almost non-responsive state while the survivors scrambled to find a way off of Tatooine. It wasn’t until the group nearly died while attempted to steal a hidden YT-2400 belonging to Jabba the Hutt, that Kenobi finally began to return to normal.

Kenobi accompanied the survivors to Yavin 4 to meet up with the Rebels. With Kenobi providing credibility to their claims of being from the future the group was swiftly brought into the Alliance. As preparations were made for the evacuation of Yavin Kenobi began to sense a growing dark side presence on the planet. While his new found companions attempted to stop a murderous dark side spirit, Kenobi engaged in an epic battle with the spirit of the Sith Lord Exar Khun atop one of the great temples. The battle lasted for several hours with Kenobi ultimately victorious though seriously wounded. Kenobi was evacuated to a medical frigate where he was treated and given a cybernetic eye and arm to replace the ones that were lost in his fight.

Kenobi charged the two young Jedi, Thran and Umwat, to find Master Yoda and bring him to the Alliance. Kenobi has been making his presence known for the past 4 months in an attempt to increase Alliance recruitment and to draw out Darth Vader.

Obi Wan Kenobi

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