Star Wars

Flight and Folly of the Phoenix
24 A.B.Y.
It is 24 years after the Battle of Yavin. The Rebel Alliance has become the New Republic and after enduring numerous conflicts relative peace reigns in most of the galaxy. On Malastare former Republic Spec Forces Sergeant Ha Toth was struggling to pay the rent on the small garage he opened after he retired. Toth received a secure holocom communication from his former commander, Bren Derlin . Derlin had been hired as a civilian contractor for a top secret joint project between the New Republic military and several of the wealthiest corporations in the galaxy. The project was designed to revolutionize hyperspace travel by creating a stable x0.1 hyperdrive. Derlin, knowing that Toth was hurting for credits offered him a position as head of security for the maiden voyage of the Phoenix Fire, a luxury cruiser equipped with the prototype drive. As Toth made his way to Coruscant a similar, if somewhat nefarious, offer was being made to the Arkanian Gleev T’soni. Gleev was the wayward heir apparent of the T’soni Corporation. Despite coming from a wealthy family and being high grade genius, Gleev had rejected a position in his family’s business and had fallen in with the seedier elements of the galaxy. After cheating his way through a mid stakes sabaac match Gleev returned to his quarters to find two messages waiting him. The first was from his mother, pleading for Gleev to come home and attend to the corporate matters his ailing father could no longer handle. The second was from a former colleague, the free lance pirate Flynn Rhogar. Rhogar had obtained information about a valuable test ship getting ready to launch on a tour of the galaxy, and wanted Gleev to use his family connections to gain access to the ship and drop it out of light speed and into an ambush. The lure of easy credits, and the excitement of a heist were all Gleev needed to accept the request. On Yavin 4 Ithorian Padawan Umwat sits in perfect stillness levitating several large rocks with the Force. His concentration is ruined by a high pitch whine and the approaching sound of snapping tree limbs. From out of the jungle shoots a speeder bike, a young Duros barely holding on as he dodges tree limbs at break neck speed.
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