Thran Trusken

Duros Jedi Pilot from the Future


In his timeline, Thran was trained under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker, and is on his way to being a full-fledged Jedi. However, being a Duros with “exploration” in his veins, piloting has always been his biggest interest. It is his goal to develop his skills and become the best pilot in the Galaxy, surpassing even his childhood hero Wedge Antilles.

For a Jedi, Thran may come off as very laid back and happy-go-lucky. In fact, he was always that way before the tragic beginning of his adventures. Now, he puts on that facade to everyone around him, but deep down he feels a deep responsibility for the death of Luke, his mentor.

Another immediately noticeable character quirk of Thran’s would be his large collection of wigs and fake facial hair. As a species, Duros are completely bald. Thran, in order to fit in with his human friends, developed an affinity for fake hair. He changes hair along with the clothing he wears, and makes sure they are stylistically coordinated.


Everything was going so well! Thran was an adequate student of the Force and a up-and-coming starfighter pilot. Luke Skywalker saw a little of himself in Thran… at least that’s what Thran told himself. Then one day, his fate was forever changed.

He was assigned on a mission along with an Ithorian Jedi student named Umwat. They were to serve as secret guardsmen aboard a luxury starship on its maiden voyage. Why would a luxury ship need two Jedi guards? Perhaps it was the fact that the ship was equipped with an experimental hyperdrive, and this trip was meant as a demonstration to get funding from many wealthy investors.

A few pirates and an Arkanian named Gleeve attempted to hijack the ship… not on Thran’s watch! Gleeve was shocked to find that the pilot of the ship carried a lightsaber, and started to panic. Gleeve triggered a virus he had loaded into the ship’s computers, and the ship’s main engines began to fail. Having no other choice, Thran hit the experimental hyperdrive at full throttle, even though the astrogation calculations were only half complete. Thran’s ally was the Force, and Thran was hoping the Force owed him a big one after all of that forced meditation back in Luke’s dojo.

Long story short… the ship went back in time and crash landed on Tatooine at a very crucial point in history, the beginning of young Luke Skywalker’s journeys on his path to becoming the hero of the Republic.

Unaware of their plight, Thran sensed the presence of a Jedi nearby, so they traveled toward Mos Eisley. Their search ended when they entered a certain Cantina. Obi Wan Kenobi, shocked at the sudden realization that two Jedi stood before him, got distracted for only a moment… the moment when two angry drunken aliens decided to end poor Luke Skywalker’s life.

Making the best of a bad situation, Thran and his friends started doing their best to mend the timeline and restore balance to the Galaxy.

Thran has taken a personal vow to become the best pilot in the Galaxy, surpassing even Wedge Antilles, and play a part in taking down the evil Galactic Empire. Someone has to destroy that Death Star… it might as well be Thran! He has to make up for accidentally killing Luke somehow!

Thran Trusken

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